Do they Higgs Boson like attract mass?

  • Wednesday, August 01, 2012
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I use all the important social media going.
I have followers and follow others and my blog attracts readers worldwide. I read worldwide blogs.
I do sometimes wonder though - usually in the middle of the night when it's quiet, whether we hear and are heard in the great tumult of noise. I think we crave connection and we are afraid that no one will hear. We shout louder.
Are we just engaged in corporate shouting down a dark well or building a tower of babel?
I have a vision of all these words, idea's and emotions bouncing and echoing around in space, do they Higgs Boson like attract mass or are they lost? Do they have any impact?
I do love the online community and I've made some wonderful connections that would not normally be possible. I've communicated with fascinating people from far flung nations, government ministers and sporting champions.
I had a great club run last night, it was near perfect, my legs felt like Kryptonite and my heart and lungs like those of a 20 year old.
The best thing though was the flesh and blood. The face to face connection. The craic, sharing experiences and stories on the muddy trails in the local area. Photographing the waxy moon. White picket fence thinking. Listening.
The last two miles running with Jerry and Rob were stratospheric.

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