It's been a bad month for blogging

  • Monday, October 22, 2012
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It's been a bad month for blogging, and it's been a bad month for running. I've run more than I've written but even so it's been patchy and sporadic. This is the month that was always going to challenge, three birthdays, a slew of staff meetings and the final few weeks of a long, long half term. Added to that was a nasty stomach bug which really laid me low - forcing my first ever day off work in my current job. 
To cap it all off I now have my first injury since switching to minimalist running three years ago, something is tight and sore in my left quad and knee and after a week it's not getting any better. I'm perplexed by this injury, it came after the most innocuous of runs which was below my average pace. I was not aware of any problems during the run, it was only the next day that I could feel the soreness and the swelling. Go figure.
I am going away for a few days with my family to a beach and some woodland. There I hope to catch up with myself and some running.

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