I should have set up it's own twitter feed!

  • Thursday, March 21, 2013
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All around me I see people looking for the signs of spring, the evidence that winter is ending and better days are ahead.
This is about my knee again, my bloody knee with all its frustrations, my knee that has become an obsession and constant talking point. Even the girls at school know all about it and follow its progress. I should have set up it's own twitter feed!
I've had four really good physio sessions now and there is an improvement. Its slow but its there. Today I ran from one end of the school hall to the other! Unheard of a week ago when my leg still felt like it was made of wood. I've been told that I have tendonopathy which is a bit generic for my liking but makes sense. I have been manipulated, stretched and massaged by the excellent Patrick from Crystal Palace Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre. 
He has given me a set of exercises specifically to strengthen my quads and glutes - identifying how weak glutes have allowed my hips to drop and place strain on the knee joint. On my first visit he had me walking, standing and squatting whilst he watched what my body was doing. My hip flexors? and quads are also extremely tight.
It boosts the confidence and makes me feel like a recovery spring is imminent being treated by someone who is passionate about physiotherapy and clearly very good at his job.
Theres still a long way to go, I estimate another four weeks at least before a slow return to running.

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