Why are pirates called pirates?

  • Friday, June 07, 2013
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Why are pirates called pirates? Answer, Because they arrrr!
The puerile joke above has no relevance to running whatsoever. This week has been kaleidoscopic and frankly a blur. On Tuesday I met Edward Timpson the Under Secretary of State for Children and Families. He is also an experienced marathon runner. Edward was in school to join in a PE lesson, he came along with The Youth Sport Trust brass to look at how a Project Ability school works.The primary aim of Project Ability is to get more young disabled people involved in competitive sport. There are only 50 Project Ability schools in England and we are one of the best. Guy our PE teacher put together a frenetic humdinger of a lesson where we showcased some of our fusion sports. The minister and his entourage could only have gone away impressed. I hope so because we rely on the funding that we are able to draw down as a PA school. 
I ran too. It was hot and it was fantastic. I've been farting around with my knee, afraid that it will implode again. I decided on Tuesday that I need to put my knee behind me and develop some vision and intent. I ran as hard as I was able attacking the trails and the roots intentionally. It was a run of stink and sweat and it felt pretty good. I finished 5 miles encouraged.
Wednesday Jerry dropped by the house hopeful that I might join him for a run. Sadly I was tied up with my domestic bliss (read that anyway you like) so had to turn him down. It was great to see this most valued friend nonetheless and we have a plan to run together later this week.
Thursday. This is my school gym day. I jumped on the treadmill and really pushed it for two miles. Treadmill running is not my favourite but it is a good opportunity to go hard with minimal impact on the joints. I ran barefoot too which was elemental.
A good week.

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