We discuss flag bearing

  • Sunday, November 04, 2012
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 I go for a kickstart run with Jerry. We have both had interesting and busy Octobers and mileage is down.
We have the near perfect run under a piebald sky of blueblack rain clouds and bright sunshine. The mud is deep and cold, the woods old and familiar. This is our natural habitat and we are in our element.
We discuss flag bearing or carrying a battle standard, how very often, in battle, the standard bearer continued to keep the colours aloft even when mortally wounded. We use this as an analogy to reflect incompetence in the corporate world, too often an inept leader continues to carry the standard/ idea even when they are exposed as wrong or out of touch. Time and time again they get to their feet and stagger on regardless. In a way you have to admire their commitment although their values are wrong. Eventually they take fire from their own side as well as the enemy and they are very hard to remove. A total waste of energy and resources and everyone loses.
Having got this off our chests we part for home, I feel much better, the combination of running and philosophy is a good one.

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