Minimalist running

I am not an apologist or a poster boy for the minimalist running movement. I do believe that it is the best way to run, and that the modern running shoe is over engineered and the benefits over stated. I also believe that it is not for everyone and that modern running shoes work for a lot of people. We are all different. I had a lot of varying injuries for the first three years that I ran. I tried everything I could to overcome my recurring problems. One day I noticed a photo of my father running the Comrades Marathon in South Africa in 1980. He was wearing a pretty basic shoe. It got me thinking that I couldn't remember him ever being injured. I thought about how we rarely wore shoes as kids. I began to research barefoot running. Around this time the cult book Born to Run by Chris McDougall came out. Encouraged I bought a cheap pair of aqua shoes to run in. It felt good, I felt the shift in running form from heel striking to a forefoot landing. I felt free and light and my body moved in a different way. More importantly my injuries drained away. I am now years into this experiment and I am virtually injury free. I say virtually because it is not a cure all and I still get aches and niggles. I love the incredible strength I've developed in my feet, how my arches have improved and my balance too. I feel that I have a long way to go and that I am still learning.
Now days I run in Vibram Five Fingers, in the rain, mud, snow and in the dry. They are not the only minimal shoe option in the minimal running scene, it is a sub culture that is exploding at the moment.
I've put some links on my links page to some barefoot and minimalist sites that are far more in depth than this page!