As stiff as a dead ninja

  • Saturday, January 12, 2013
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I'm a lousy blogger.
The knee injury has dragged on and on and I've allowed my blog to fall as silent as a dead ninja. That is really quiet. You could say deadly quiet. There have been no little filler articles on the effective care of Vibram Five Fingers or the management of chronic knee injuries. There has been zip. Nothing. Nada. Not even my daily smoothie recipe or moans about the monotony of rain.
But today I ran. I ran in obedience to my inner voice, it just seemed right that I should. It seemed like the right time.
Funny thing the inner voice, at times in life you just know that you know that you know. It's always positive and affirming and it feels good. It is hard not to respond to. 
So I ran on my uncertain knee with a synchronicity between the voice and the call of the woods. I ran in mud that was thick and wet and bloody familiar, a raw mix of musky decay and splashy cold fingers reaching my waist. I ran with freedom and fear and shouting my thanks.
Fuck but I needed it.
Today I am stiff, as stiff as a dead ninja with rigor mortis but I don't care. The questions remain, I am unsure whether this is a comeback or not. What I know is that my love affair with running and the trails is still there, the fire still burns. To unchain my desire and let it burn brief and bright has seen hope born again.

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  1. I so, so hope that your knee gets better soon we have so many more miles to fill with Runner's Philosophy together.

    And please yes a couple of smoothie recipes please