Annus miserabilis for running.

  • Monday, February 18, 2013
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Last week I realised that I had passed through the five stages of grief in respect of my crap knee - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.
I really did accept that this year, 2013, would probably be my annus miserabilis for running. This was just as well because towards the end of the week my knee flared up badly, Ten minutes of basketball leaving it worse than at any time over the last four months. It was badly swollen with a golf ball sized lump above my kneecap and prone to locking up. I've had to crawl up and down stairs. My doctor thinks I may have a torn or partially torn meniscus, the shock absorber of tough, crescent shaped cartilage where the femur and tibia meet.
This morning I sat in a grim hospital waiting room for an x ray. I have now got a two week wait for the results and hopefully a definitive diagnosis. I have also been referred for physio. In the meantime it's rest and a tubie grip! 
I'm not retiring. I will not give up running. I cannot conceive of never again enjoying the joys of cross country trail running. At the moment I feel demoralised but I am already readjusting and focusing on recovery and comeback. Having a vision and specific, measurable goals will be a key component of successful recovery. 
Bhundu lives.

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