• Friday, October 28, 2011
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I'm really looking forward to this...

Night run - A saucerful of secrets
29 October · 20:00 - 23:00

Public Car Park
Filston Lane
Shoreham, United Kingdom

Created by:
Jeremy Smallwood

More info
As you will know if you run these events then you do so entirely at your own risk as we will be running on woodland trails, rutted paths in the countryside away from roads and street lights IN THE DARK. You will need some sort of torch, preferably a headtorch, a mobile phone and a requirement of a person we can contact if you are hurt.

There has been a ground swell of interest from runners who are very interested in the Night Run series but not quite ready to do the full distance therefore I propose to meet people further into the run so that they can join the full distance group to complete about 5 miles

The full route will be approximately 10 miles long with a "checkpoint" at the halfway point where you will be able to partake in some Kentish Ale or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice at your own cost

Club runners can you see if you can get this added to you Club newletters, forums and of course invite anyone that you think may be interested. BTW I have tried to organise this around Grand Prix events and recovery from races

If you are a "5 miler" please accept the event and contact me via FB private message so that I can get a guage of the numbers involved

holding the sun between my fingers

  • Monday, October 24, 2011
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I am focused on what I am after
The key to the next open chapter
Cause I found a way to steal the sun from the sky
Long live that day that I decided to fly from the inside

 Early Sunday I run holding the sun between my fingertips. I run with Jerry and Liz, we are in the process of reaffirming our love of the North Downs and the beauty of creation, we worship with our feet, our conversation and our own aboriginal thoughts. We climb a long steep hill, ahead Jerry turns and tells us not to look up to where we are going but to look back at where we have come from. This strikes me as a profound metaphor. Last week I was on the fo'c'sle of a tall ship straining to see ahead into the thick fog, we were sailing blind. This is how my life often seems. I think that sometimes it is right to look back at the monuments that we build throughout life to point us onwards, looking back enables us to see ahead, it is right to pause and take in the view. At least this is what I believe and hope and if we find some faithful companions to journey with us then even better.
When we return to the car I drink cold chocolate milk.


Slipping into Cherbourg harbour early on a bright Thursday morning I notice the low hill in the near distance. I am immediately intrigued by it, what would it be like to run up, is there a way up, would I get a chance to find out? We spend a pleasant day wandering around this charming town before returning to the Lord Nelson at five. We are told that we have an hour before meeting at a restaurant for dinner. I seize the opportunity to run setting off down the cobbled quay in search of the hill. I run in a large circle around the harbour and then climb and climb. I even find a short section of trail. Sadly halfway up I am stopped dead by a security fence, I return to the ship having got in a quick four miles. I am happy, I have run in France and I have just enough time for a quick shower. We eat as a crew at La Marina and it is excellent then it's back to my bunk for a few hours before my 4am harbour watch. Life is good.