• Monday, October 24, 2011
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Slipping into Cherbourg harbour early on a bright Thursday morning I notice the low hill in the near distance. I am immediately intrigued by it, what would it be like to run up, is there a way up, would I get a chance to find out? We spend a pleasant day wandering around this charming town before returning to the Lord Nelson at five. We are told that we have an hour before meeting at a restaurant for dinner. I seize the opportunity to run setting off down the cobbled quay in search of the hill. I run in a large circle around the harbour and then climb and climb. I even find a short section of trail. Sadly halfway up I am stopped dead by a security fence, I return to the ship having got in a quick four miles. I am happy, I have run in France and I have just enough time for a quick shower. We eat as a crew at La Marina and it is excellent then it's back to my bunk for a few hours before my 4am harbour watch. Life is good.

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