Nick Cave says it better...

  • Thursday, September 01, 2011
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Amateurs, dilettantes, hacks, cowboys, clones
The streets groan with little Caesars, Napoleons and cunts
With their building blocks and their tiny plastic phones
Counting on their fingers, with crumbs down their fronts
(Nick Cave)
I run the streets with cracked pavements and wheezing, stinking buses crammed with dreamers dreaming. I run past the man with his birds nest beard and the wife with the flat eyes of a dead fish. I see tribal tattooed lager louts and girls in heels and fuck me skirts and tumble weed kids and squatting dogs and rundown pubs with sky sports one, I run down charmless alleyways and dodge and swerve and leap...this is the urban dream baby and I'm living it

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