Monday? Tuesday?

  • Wednesday, August 31, 2011
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On Monday I think it is Tuesday so I put out my garbage for Wednesday and go off for a club run. I arrive and realise I am 24 hours early. I decide not to wait and drive home. Because it is Monday and I've returned home I run 2.4 miles with my six year old son at 9:45 pace. We discuss fatal collisions and trail running etiquette. He wants to know why I am left handed and he is not. He remembers to land on the balls of his feet but doesn't offer to bring in the garbage.
On Tuesday I remember it is Tuesday and I get a text inviting me to run eight miles offroad as a guest with our rival/ sister club. I accept, we meet and greet and we run across the land and through darkening woods at a pace that exhilarates me. I've had the blues for the last few weeks and even running has been a chore but this night I feel it all drop off me, as a run it is as close to perfect as you can get and I feel euphoric and recharged.

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  1. Indeed Bhundu it was a great run and really glad you could come along. The pace was almost perfect and just enough to make the legs really work out nicely.
    I can gauge the quality of a run if I am smiling the next day, today I was in fact grinning :-D