Fruit, fibre and survival

  • Sunday, August 14, 2011
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Sunday. North Downs, Kent. Another morning spent freedom running. I go out with Jerry, Liz the thunder runner and Michael the gazelle. We freewheel down grassy hillsides like children, we discuss the beauty of the French language and colonic irrigation. All around us are the classic motifs of summer, knee high crops, cows, sheep, horses and knats, above us the clouds are streaked with blue. Liz and I discuss survivalist running - there are plenty of blueberries and plums to be plucked and eaten. We could live off the land we argue. I don't partake though, to much fibre while running could spell disaster. I share out my fruit pastilles instead and Jerry delivers an impassioned and informative lecture about flood defenses before leading us up a 1:14 gradient hill, where I am forced to run/ walk/ shuffle my way to the summit. A wonderful way to start Sunday with fantastic people, the only downside is a niggling achilles that I felt the whole way, I hope this is not going to become a problem. Driving home I almost but not quite obliterate a peleton of cyclists.

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  1. The fruit was lovely but decided to leave the Blackberries to the London rioters :o)