• Monday, February 20, 2012
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bhundu powers towards the North Downs Way, near Cudham Frith and is about to drop down the Scarp.

I'm not sure if Jerry senses I am in need of a pick me up but he invites me to run with the HEROS ( High Elms Runners On Sunday) on err, Sunday. The morning is bright and sharp, but we runners are neither. We slowly gather in a loose circle and then disperse to various tree's and bushes for a wee. We scan the skies like old testament prophets for the satellites that will activate our GPS devices. We roll our shoulders and stretch our legs and do other important runner stuff. Eventually Jerry notices that we are all facing in the same direction and makes a mock run for it. We follow herd like and off we go. We climb and we climb some more. After we have climbed we climb again. We reach the North Downs Way. My quads complain but I don't, it is a beautiful day in God's country, I am among wonderful people and I am running. We do eventually descend and cross a rutted and slippery field full of cattle, I get between a badger and the herd and he doesn't like it. I don't like it either, he seems twitchy and irritable and shifts from foot to foot. I get twitchy and irritable and shift from foot to foot. We eye each other out and I try looking stern and authoritative. Apparently it works or he gets bored and I walk past on eggshells until I feel it is safe to run on. We climb stile after stile until I'm sorry that I haven't counted them. I feel the warmth of the sun on the slopes and the chill of the wind across the open fields. Mud coats my lower limbs and I am in my element.
When we return to the car park Jerry and I discover that neither of us has started our GPS's. We go and eat cake to cheer ourselves up.


  1. uh-oh badger alert, glad I wasn't there for this one!

    1. You would have hated this badger Liz, he was not happy!
      And there was no way around.