Inspirational Zimbabweans part 1

  • Tuesday, February 14, 2012
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So, my roots, heritage and heart are from Zimbabwe. It is a small, landlocked and troubled land but it seems to produce some amazing people with big hearts. Like Tendai Simai.
Tendai decided to run from Tower bridge in London to Ipswich, the equivalent of three marathons in a day to raise money to help pay for childrens education in Zimbabwe.
“In Africa the kids grow up in extreme poverty and for many, drugs is their way of making money to survive,” he said.
“I want to help children in rural village schools – life is tough for those kids but if they stick with education and sport their futures will be better."
  Tendai, a former Zimbabwean international basketball player succeeded in running the distance in 19 hours 20 minutes. His bio states:

Tendai is 7ft tall, wears size 22 shoes and is a very long way from home. He comes from Zimbabwe in Africa and he has never forgotten that fact.

In 2002 Tendai was brought to the UK to play professional basketball. Due to circumstances beyond his control once here, Tendai has found himself in the situation where he currently cannot return home. He has had to watch from a distance as the people in his country struggle and he has been away from his family for 9 years. One day Tendai will return home, but until it is safe for him to do so he needs to do something to show the people of Zimbabwe that he is still with them.

 For more information about The Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation, the charity Tendai is supporting, please visit

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