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  • Saturday, February 18, 2012
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When did running get so kit intensive?
When I started running I shelled out for proper running shoes, bought a goalies jersey from a charity shop for a pound and stepped out the door. I didn't even have a watch.
Today I am sorting through the mountain of gear I possess to run in.
I haven't bothered to count all the technical shirts both long and short sleeve I have. Many I never wear because I tend to stick to my smelly favourites. I have two backpacks and a waterproof backpack cover (never used) I have a fuel belt and a bum bag. I have a gross of beanies, a waterproof cap and reflective snap on bands (never used) I have three pairs of tights, compression shorts and five pairs of shoes, five fingers/ cross country/ minimalist -  (one retired that I can't bear to part with) I have a waterproof smock and two rain jackets. I have two club shirts, three pairs of toe socks, one waterproof pair and countless normal pairs. I have two pairs of gloves and my sunnies. I'm not counting my water bottles although I do have two flasks. I do now have a watch and I use GPS to track my runs. 

I used to style myself as being an under the radar runner who epitomised the purity and simplicity of my sport and it is likely that I still have less than a lot of my peers. It is still to much.

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