• Tuesday, December 28, 2010
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i've come to accept that my running year is ending with frustration. the snow was fun and fine and i had some good runs with the club and on my own but the ice was something else and i made the decision not to risk serious injury. now i've come down with some debilitating bug which is keeping me indoors. so instead i'm looking back on a good year where i ran more miles than any of my previous years and had some epic runs. there was the cross country race at the start of the year in torrential, horizontal rain, the long solitary run along a deserted beach, some long barefoot runs on the road and the inaugural night run in november. i had two superb runs across the north downs with jerry, i did some park runs and had a sublime mob match outing for the club. i even learnt to enjoy my weekly treadmill session. whilst running i've shared lots of humour and great conversations with some wonderful people and run long on my own. i've loved the woods and the countryside and learnt to tolerate the tar.

that's looking back which is important. it is important to build monuments along the way, they point us forward and focus us. i'm looking forward to 2011, i feel that i'm running strong and fluid. i am no longer a novice and am battle hardened. i may be frustrated with how 2010 is ending but i'm very focused on the coming year. i'm going to make it a great year with new achievements, highlights and milestones. i look forward to strengthening my existing relationships and anticipate meeting new people as i go. i can't wait for the conversation to continue.

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