lazy sunday afternoon

  • Monday, April 25, 2011
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Lazy sunday afternoon, I've got no mind to worry, close my eyes and
Drift away, Close my eyes and drift away.
(small faces)

i drift through the woods, eddying between the tree's and the dapples. my mind is opaque as the light and cloudless sky. i am agreeable, greeting ramblers in their carnival coloured shirts and wide brimmed hats, the women are daringly barelegged in shorts, the men, resolute with stout sticks and corduroy. they have idiot dogs with idiot smiles. these moments are ordained. they cannot be hurried or ignored and they cannot be contrived. they are rare recreation runs, slow, mellow and mellowing. i am on no ones clock or dime out here, i am my own. i ignore the gravitational pull of home when the orbit of my route delivers me close, i swing away for a few more miles carried by the tide of my singing blood and the compass of my heart.

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