reptilian and kamikaze

  • Monday, May 30, 2011
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in the end it is a reptilian run but that's not a bad thing. the woods are cool and dark like a brothers grimm fairy tale, punctuated by sharp psychedelic flashes of birdsong. the earth beneath me is iron hard and cracked like primeval skin, big scabs of ground pulling apart like bear traps. i start slow and lethargic but warm to my task, the roar and flow of hot blood oiling and driving me. my vibrams are sure and true over the uneven ground and my pace picks up nicely. i run fast down the kamikaze wash, a steep rut cut into the earth filled with round marble like stones and roots like the bleached ribs of a dead whale. full of the running drug i lie awake into the early hours alone with my thoughts and the warm tingle of bramble cuts on my shins.

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