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  • Saturday, March 17, 2012
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I'm really looking forward to spending the first few days of the Easter break up at Loughborough University. I will be supporting one of our pupils at the Step Into Sport camp run by the Youth Sport Trust. I am hearing lots of good things about the university and it's facilities, I am researching running opportunities in the local area as I will have evenings free. I'm also hoping that there will be some Olympians kicking around:

2012 marks the fifteenth year of the Step into Sport Camp. The camp aims to develop young people as confident young leaders and support them to learn more about themselves, helping them to be the best they can be both in life and in sport.
The camp gives the young people attending it the opportunity to develop leadership skills and the qualities of courage, communication, and compassion.
One hundred young people will be attending the camp - 50 young disabled people and 50 non-disabled young people - from both special schools and mainstream schools with disabled pupils. By working together they will develop their leadership skills and will have the opportunity to try workforce roles in coaching, officiating, team and event management helping them to gain a greater understanding of the roles and volunteering opportunities which the School Games bring.
These young people will then use the skills that they have developed to make a positive contribution to their own locality through promoting leadership opportunities in the School Games for other young people in their area.
The camp will have a great focus on the young people's personal development with experienced mentors guiding the young people along their journey and will support the young people to action-plan for their future as a leader and/or volunteer.

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  1. That's fantastic news Bhundu...somewhat jealous of you now :-)