Dust in the wind

  • Friday, May 11, 2012
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I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind

We are all different. I was sitting in an autism training session this week, on DVD  a young man was talking about his autism. "I've come to regard my condition as a blessing. I have yet to meet a normal person, no one is normal. My condition makes me more interesting" He said.
A day earlier I had read that Caballo Blanco had died of natural causes - heart disease.
Putting it together I thought we are all different. As a friend of mine puts it, we all have our shit, the quirks and foibles that make us interesting, occasionally irritating and sometimes even unlikeable.
Although I never met him I think this was Caballo. He had his shit but he was also something more rare. I think he was a type of modern day prophet. He had a passion and a message that burned inside him. He had an enormous generosity of spirit and a love for people and life. Prophets have always been a bit strange and counter cultural and the message they carry has the potential to alter societies. John the Baptist lived hermit like in the wilderness, ate locusts and wore skins. He had a message. And he died before his time. This is the other trait that often afflicts prophets, they die before we think they should. It almost seems necessary, somehow by dying their message remains fresh and relevant. Think Bob Marley. Think Sid Vicious or Anne Frank. Think Martin Luther King.
They are all more than dust in the wind.
Micah True had a heart for and a love for the Raramuri people of Mexico's Copper Canyon, he was determined to put them on the map and raise their profile worldwide. He died well before he should have. He died, almost as if he parted the veil between this world and the next and just stepped through. He was doing what he loved, running, by a stream in the wilderness. I wish he hadn't but I'm trusting that the principle of untimely death equals immortal message holds true.

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