Easing my way past England Murderball captain Steve Brown

  • Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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Here I am easing my way past England Murderball captain Steve Brown

As I sit writing this I should be on the M1 motorway heading South towards home from Loughborough.

I received a call late on Sunday afternoon informing me that the Step Into Sport Camp was off due to hazardous conditions caused by the heavy snow and ice in the Midlands of England. I wasn't totally surprised and was half expecting the call but the disappointment was huge nonetheless.

For the student I was going to support there was some consolation in that BBC Breakfast News agreed to come to the school on Monday morning to interview him. Hence the above photo of Steve Brown who also agreed to come along where we were able to introduce him to our fusion game, Predator rugby.
It was some consolation to slightly offset the pain of lots of hard work going to waste. This didn't affect me so much but our PE teacher Guy put in hours of  meticulous preparation as he was meant to deliver about seven hours of interactive workshops at Loughborough.
He is a very positive bloke and I know him well enough to be certain that what he prepared will still see the light of day in some shape or form given time!

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