13.1 miles of erratic lurching

  • Wednesday, April 02, 2014
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How does it feel 
How does it feel 
To be without a home 
Like a complete unknown 
Like a rolling stone? 
(Bob Dylan)

On Sunday I learnt that Annie cannot run in a straight line, drunks have a better spatial awareness.
Together we ran the Paddock Wood Half Marathon in Kent and she endlessly nudged and nurdled me, 13.1 miles of erratic lurching. She was twitchier than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I tried running on the inside of her and out but it made no difference to her stumbling into me.
But I like this girl, I like that along with the lurching and elbowing she packs attitude, intelligence and tenacity into her small frame, she is no quitter and she makes me laugh.
The event began and finished in a grubby industrial estate before moving through some pretty Kent countryside. Beyond this I've battled to describe the race, it was odd. I felt really detached but still aware that I was part of the stream of humanity moving towards the finish. It was the classic metaphor for life, we were all moving in the same direction, marking off the milestones and the passing of time until we reached the end (death) The race slipped by almost unnoticed.
I don't want to be unconscious of life or only dimly aware of time passing. I want the vibrant swirl of colour and excitement and the observant embrace of detail. I want noise and mess. I'm glad I had Annie. It was less lonely and less sane, we laughed, swore, burped and talked. She got grumpy with me too. As far as life goes we need quality companions to stumble with us and share the experience. It is probable that I only recognised her as a stumbler because I am one too.

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