The Gazelle looks on with envy and feels the pain of being a Buffalo.

  • Monday, March 30, 2015
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Sometimes it just works, there is physical and spiritual harmony and you run like an elite. The Gazelle looks on with envy and feels the pain of being a Buffalo. These are the runs that are far too rare and keep me yearning for more. I ran nine miles yesterday and unusually for me I ran them on the road. I climbed three hills and passed under two railway bridges, I got lost and I linked two roads with a path I've never noticed before. It was raining when I went out, I ran through a small patch of sun and then cloud covered the sky in that dull fashion that only grey cloud can achieve. All these things are irrelevant though, what counts is that my body was in a state of flow. These are the days you live and pray for as a runner, days where you feel as if you've drunk from the elixir of youth and days where the blessings of a benign God are concentrated solely upon you. I often get into what is known as the zone while running, that place your mind goes where you are focused and concentrating and discipline merges with joy leaving you relaxed and alert. I think the longer you run both experientially over a period of years and distance this state of zone becomes second nature, you slip into it without trying. Flow is different, for me it happens when my body just seems to find a place where it desires hard work and produces it without effort, everything seems easy and harmonious and I fly. It's the grooviest groove in Groovesville.
I wish it was always like this.
I saw a quote on a poster recently that said if travelling was free you would never see me. This is the truth, if running was always this free you would certainly never see me, I would be permanently in the wind.

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