Lavender fields forever

  • Sunday, July 24, 2011
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It's Sunday and that arch schemer Jerry has facebooked about the possibility of a Downland run to look at the lavender fields. I'm not turned on by lavender but I do love running in North Kent. It is a beautiful morning that demands a run under clear blue Kent skies. He collects me early, we pick up Sabina and drive to Shoreham. In the car Sabina and I are regaled with wild tales of mysterious military establishments, secret military junctions on the M25 and weeping Spanish ghosts. We run along the river taking in the tranquil beauty of the area, climb a 40 degree hill, sprint through a rifle range and cross a golf course. I attempt to crush Sabina in a gate but fail. We smell lavender and see it in the distance. It does look lovely, a bright purple bruise against the hillside, Lavender is slowly replacing the more traditional hop crop, the purpleness being more lucrative.  We reach Eynsford and run past Lullingstone, looping back to Shoreham. We are shown a torturous and confusing "shortcut" to Sabina's house on the car journey home.

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