monsoon running

  • Sunday, July 24, 2011
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On Thursday Jerry phones me from his central London office. " I'm looking out my window and it's a monsoon out there, fancy a wet, muddy trail run?" I answer in the affirmative and we set a time and rendezvous. In the 'burbs it hasn't yet started raining but thanks to Jerry I know that the mother of all downpours is on it's way. I briefly consider whether to run in cross country studs but keep the faith with Vibrams and my awesome minimalist running form. I dress in my bright yellow waterproof jacket, the one with the double taped seams and set off. We meet and we run. And we run. And we run. We wait for rain, stopping from time to time to cast hopeful glances skyward but none comes. I perform a rain dance. No rain. We create our own micro climates in our jackets, after nearly ten miles we are drenched with sweat, when we stop puddles form at our feet. Funny place London.

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