• Sunday, April 01, 2012
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I didn't know him personally so I don't want to get mawkish about his death. I did, however, feel that it was appropriate to go out for my run today in tribute to Micah True, found dead in The Gila National Forest, New Mexico.
Micah, known as Caballo Blanco set out last Tuesday for a trail run and never returned.
So I ran my local trails as a thanks to an inspirational and cult figure. He was a great apologist for running in it's purist and most stripped down form as well as the Tarahumara people of the Copper Canyons in Mexico who he managed to raise the profile of.
The bible speaks of a great cloud of witnesses who have gone on before us and are cheering us on from heaven. I believe in a running context this is where Micah is, one of a great cloud of past running greats watching over us.
I stopped by the brook and threw in a symbolic pebble to join the many already on the river bed.
The final, fitting word goes to Chris McDougall, author of Born To Run on Twitter this morning:  caballo had the only funeral he would have wanted: his friends spent days running in the wilderness in his honor.

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