Loughborough #2

  • Monday, April 09, 2012
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I was playing table tennis with a very cool young dude called Jacob. "Are you ready I asked?"
" I was born ready" he replied. And he was. Apart from his wild hair and off the wall attitude he was also immediately obvious as a wheelchair basketball player. I've never seen anyone control a chair quite like it, spinning it at speed and even flipping it over.
Jacob was just one of the many high quality young people I encountered at The Youth Sport Trust's Step Into Sport Camp at Loughborough University last week. I came home after the three days with a major buzz. The Trust took 50 young sports leaders with a disability and 50 able bodied leaders and put them together. Added into the mix were Athlete mentors such as World Bobsleigh champion Nicola Minichiello, Badminton player Gail Emms, Thai boxer Rachel MacKenzie, Archer Mel Clarke and gymnast Craig Heap and many other high sporting achievers. We also had inspirational talks from Gold medallist Darren Campbell and Paralympic swimmer Marc Woods as well as intensive workshops covering things like officiating and team management.
My buzz came from being embedded in the passion flowing from the young people, YST staff and the athletes, the energy was incredible. I guess I was doing what I love, working with young people and doing it in a sporting context.

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