I will most likely be unconscious when I bounce.

  • Sunday, May 17, 2015
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“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand
           (Hayley Williams)
How do you fall? Or should that be how do you fall with style?
I had a rare trail running fall last week, a stump hidden in the mud caught my toe and I went down in one of those slow motion tumbles, not quite a face plant but more of a left side smear.
It got me thinking so I did some research.
I found an article about surviving a fall and it informed me that:- The odds are not on your side, but survival is possible.
Bittersweet, information.
What else?
1/ I have to grab an object on the way down.
2/ I should attempt to break my fall into segments by hitting objects such as ledges, trees or other objects, this divides my fall into several shorter falls, which gives me a much better chance of surviving.
All great advice so far.
3/ I must relax my body and not hold myself stiff. When I am relaxed my body will absorb the impact of hitting the ground better than when I am stiff.
4/I should bend my knees but not too far.
5/ No matter what height I fall from I should land feet first. I must try right myself before I hit the ground.
I got that wrong then.
6/ Once I land I should try to avoid falling on my back. Falling to the side is statistically best. If I can't manage that, I must try to fall forward instead, breaking my fall with my arms. 
So I got that bit right.
7/ I must protect my head when I land because I will probably bounce. I will most likely be unconscious when I bounce.
And finally, Good physical condition and youth seem to positively influence fall survival rates. You can’t change your age, but if you’re looking for yet another reason to get in shape, here it is. Also, it is best not to fall at all.

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