Testicles have the unfortunate habit of unexpectedly swinging free

  • Saturday, June 06, 2015
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After a week that was long and busy I needed a decompression run. Fortunately the running cogs in Jerry's head have been turning in the direction of another night run and he contacted me as his Lieutenant to do an early morning recce of the proposed route.
If you could sit down and order a run off a menu this would be close - warm and sunny, on dry trails and with an excellent friend. I can't reveal too many details of the route yet as these are always a closely guarded secret until the actual event but it involves two pubs which is a standard night running element and aviation which isn't.
I don't think I've ever had a run in rural Kent that I haven't enjoyed  whatever the weather but this morning was incredibly mellow and relaxing. It's a beautiful time of the year and we were running through fields of freshly cut grass which is probably one of the best smells known to mankind, fields of endless yellow buttercups and knee high wheat. There was not a bull to be seen. In the haze of the far distance we could see the London skyline with the distinctive shapes of Canary Wharf and the Shard prominent. We included the obligatory elements - where does this path go (dead end) and thigh high stinging nettles. While we were discussing how testicles have the unfortunate habit of unexpectedly swinging free when wearing old running shorts a stunning Roe deer ran across the trail and went bounding away through the wheat - well worth getting up early on a Saturday morning in it's own right.
This was a successful mission, I think we've nailed the route, now all we need are some runners.

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