The dead hand of winter scrabbling at my window.

  • Sunday, March 27, 2016
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Tonight the clocks go forward and British Summer Time starts. Outside it is dusk and I am sitting on my sofa with my kids kaleidoscoping around me while the rain from storm Katie lashes down and the wind velocity is picking up. Yesterday I sat shirtless in the sun, this evening I took down my garden umbrella least the wind launches it into my neighbours garden. Hopefully this is the last of the Winter storms, the last kick of a dying horse, the dead hand of winter scrabbling at my window.
Despite the storm spring has been making a slow arrival, out on the trails I've heard the Woodpeckers and it's been getting steadily lighter in the morning, so much so that I'm able to get six miles of running in on my way into work and have time to spare. I'm on my Easter break at the moment and by the time I go back I should be able to extend this to Seven. Summer is my favourite time of the year for running but spring comes a close second. I've never particularly been an early morning runner but started last year to experiment with the inbound commute to work - and I've grown to love being out early. I love the stillness and the solitude and the sense of freshness in the air, especially when it is clear. I love knowing that at sunrise I am the first human to pass on the trails. Strangely I'm also beginning to love the intimacy and the routine of running the same trails over and over. My connection to woodland that I am already very familiar with has deepened considerably and it is a habit that is bringing deep peace to me. It should be boring but somehow it is ever changing and I try to run mindfully and see new things all the time. For the most part my mind and my spirit are clear and I have a strong sense that this is going to get stronger the longer I do it.
I was reflecting a few days ago how my running has evolved over the years, it's always renewing and revealing new facets and I'm enjoying this latest incarnation.

A beautiful example of an early spring morning, crispy, sunny and misty at the same time


Late afternoon, Good Friday

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